Style Files: A study in black and white

Brilliant light. Gorgeous windows. A favourite dress.

Meg and I agreed we didn’t need anything else as we played in an empty section of the historic Lang Tannery in downtown Kitchener.




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Shoes and Songs

I’m gearing up for a weekend up at a cottage with some good friends. I’m looking forward to lazy days spent on the dock as we catch up with each other. The only agenda we have is to sit and sun, cook meals together and make s’mores around a campfire.

I look forward to waking up early in the morning while everyone else sleeps, pull on last night’s camp-fire smoked hoodie, slip on some comfy shoes, grab a cup of black coffee and wander through dew-wet grass to watch the sun rise from the dock.

If you haven’t listened to Hozier yet, you absolutely must. He’ll be on our weekend playlist for sure.



Cook the cover: March

Back in March during our never-ending winter, I tackled Bon Appetit’s March cover recipe, Short Rib Pot Pie.

This recipe sounded intense: pounds of short ribs, onion and wine filling a flaky classic pie crust. I decided cooking such a beast should be celebrated. I invited over two of my dearest friends, for whom a month later I’d travel to Ireland to see  married, for a pre-wedding feast.

I’m not going to lie, making the recipe was just as much fun as eating it was. Hunting down the short ribs, cooking the filling the night before and filling my house with a heavenly smell made me excited to finally eat it. The recipe certainly isn’t difficult, just a wee bit time-consuming.

The eating of the pie, on the other hand, took way too little time. Although extremely rich, both my guests and I devoured our slices. We washed the rib filling, sweetened with slowly cooked onion and enveloped in a salty crust, down with a strong Beaujolais.

The pot pie was just as good eaten cold, straight out of the fridge, the next day.

I wouldn’t have cooked this recipe without the cook the cover challenge, but boy am I glad I did. My mouth is just watering, months later, thinking about that meal.

March cook the cover - 1

March cook the cover - 2

March cook the cover - 3

March cook the cover - 5

March cook the cover - 6



Excuse me, but I’ll be back.

I have a few friends to meet, and a few friends to make, across the pond.

Trinity library via pinterest


Big Ben via pinterest


The Eiffel Tower via pinterest




Shoes and songs

It’s finally spring in Canada. Which means I should start running outdoors again.

I promise I’ll get to it soon. However, the first few warm days in the springtime make me want to skip and float through muddy forests.

Instead of running, I’m imagining myself frolicking though the Grand River trails wearing utterly fantastic sneakers.



Cook the cover: February

February. The month of grey. The month of cold. The month of hearty stews.

Bon Appetit’s February cover recipe did not disappoint. I made its Chicken and Dumpling with Mushroom stew. My house smelled amazing. My mouth and stomach? So, so happy. Make it, eat it, love it. Do it!

Feb cook the cover 4


Feb cook the cover 3


feb cook the cover 2


Feb cook the cover 5


Feb cook the cover 1

March’s recipe? A short rib pot pie. I can’t say this is a recipe I’d be tempted to make without this challenge – it’s not quite my thing. I know I can’t eat this all on my own, and I don’t think it will freeze as well as stew. Anyone feel like a dinner party?



It’s almost that holiday. Valentine’s day.

I’m not a bigger lover of pink things or waxy milk chocolate hearts.

But I do love gorgeous lingerie. And I’m not talking uncomfortable push-up bras and thongs that do little more than scrape against a hip bone. I’m talking about beautiful to look at, and comfortable to wear, under things. That sexy bra you wear under a blouse… just for you.

And this February, I’m absolutely head-over-heels for Journelle. They’ve re-introduced me to familiar lines. And introduced me to new lines. What better time than the deep-heart of winter to treat yourself to something pretty and bright? Maybe you’re the only one who’ll see it. Maybe someone else will enjoy it. But well-cut lingerie? It’s sure to put a spring in your step.






Cook the cover

food prep 01.14

I don’t do new year’s resolutions. However, I do like the odd challenge.

And I think I’ve come up with a good one for 2014.

I’ve been an avid Bon Appetit reader and subscriber for years. I read them front to back and back to front. I save them. Cook and bake from them – well, the recipes that catch my eyes (and stomach) anyways.

This year? This year I’m going to cook each and every cover recipe.

Yep. I may not like the cover, or be inspired to eat it, but I want to try. Just to challenge my palate and stretch my skills in the kitchen.

And I’m going to let you know what I think!

First up? January 2014’s cover recipe: spicy pork and mustard green soup.

cook the cover 01.14

I made it multiple times. I LOVED it.

I subbed in ground chicken. I used kale. One time I tried soba noodles. Another time I threw in homemade peanut sauce at the end to thicken it to a stew-like consistency.

I’ll be making this soup again, and again, and again.

I’m already looking forward to February’s cover – a chicken and dumpling concoction.


Shoes and songs

It’s a polar vortex January… otherwise known as winter in Ontario.

I’m living in layers of flannel, cashmere and wool. This is the season to be warm – because frostbite ain’t sexy.

So yes, baby, it’s cold outside. Bundle out. Keep warm. Put the tunes on. And kiss someone cute. It’s guaranteed to get you through to the spring thaw.

To keep my always cold toes warm I vote for some Roots moccasins – trust me, they will keep you warm.

Roots Winter mocs suede




She who dares

Is it just me or did 2013 end stuck in fast-forward mode, and 2014 has continued on that same speed?

How are we already a month into 2014?

I’m excited for the new year, and finally feeling settled into it.

So let’s do this. I love the start of a new year. Who knows what it will bring?

I’m ready to make this year awesome.

inspiration via lululemon

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