One Step at a Time

I’ve always been a journaler. I’ve always been the girl with a pen and a journal tucked somewhere on me, in every room, and I’ve even kept journals in my head. I’ve always had seperate journals for seperate aspects of my live: my decorating journal, my recipe journal, my dream journal, my private journal. It can make for a lot of journals on a shelf.

I finally finished my MA a year ago this month. During that time I wrote, and wrote and wrote. A year has passed, and my writing has slowed to a trickle. Even the purchase of a gorgeous leather journal with thick creamy pages did not encourage me to pick up my pen and write.

A few major events have occured in my life the past few months, that have encourage me to be more proactive with my own life. Step one, for me, is to start a public record of living in the moment.

It’s going to be a step-by-step process. Thanks for coming along for a ride.




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