Leaving on a Jet Plane…

I’m stoked to be heading to NYC this month to talk about social media during the CASE conference.  Talking about my favourite subject in my favourite city? Sounds perfect to me!

We are heading in a couple of days early and planning on spending some time in the city. We are splurging for a night and spending time at Gild Hall.  The photos online look fantastic, and the reviews seem great.

A suite at Gild Hall

The Library Bar at Gild Hall

After that we spend time at the conference, held at the Marriott Marquis right in Times Square.

We are flying to and from New York City on Porter Airlines. I’ve never flown with them before, but have heard such great reviews from friends that I can’t wait!

I’m going with someone who has never been to NYC before, and I’m very excited to show her my favourite parts of the city.

Some of my favourite must sees include:

Rockefeller Centre

Washington Square

Tiffany & Co.

What else would you add?

Can’t wait to be there. Other people can have their steamy beaches, I’ll take this city any day.



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