Spring Ice Storm Essentials

Winter isn’t leaving without a fight. Ice storm warnings began last night.

I’m sitting in my home office listening to the rap of ice pellets against my window hoping and praying that this is the last blast of cold. Spring weather has to come eventually. Right?

Here’s how I’ve been surviving this *final* brush with the cold:

Spring tulips

Flowers are necessary! I’m a purist when it comes to my flowers. I prefer the garden variety: tulips, iris, peonies, lilies and ranunculus.

G and T

Sometimes you need something strong to get you through it. You know what I mean? Last night I decided it was time for a summery cocktail. My all-time favourite is the gin and tonic. With extra lime. You can’t go wrong.

Veggie lunch

Vegetables.  I don’t know why, but eating brightly coloured vegetables assures me that spring is coming.

So that’s how I’ve been coping. How about you? What’s helping you get through this final wintry blast?



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