The Hot Toddy

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Maybe you’ve been healthy all fall. Hale and hearty, you make your morning runs, and haven’t missed a day’s work yet. I hate you.

I’ve not been that lucky. I’ve been fighting against THAT cold all fall.

Sniffles and sneezes aside, my never-ending cough has made my fall in love again with the perfect gem of a drink: the hot toddy.

It’s really autumn’s love note to the flu season.

I still make mine the way my dad makes them: a shot of brandy (don’t go fancy here), a dollop of honey, a third of a lemon and hot water to taste.

I love the original, but I’ve been branching out: I’ve nixed the honey for maple syrup and added fresh grated ginger and cayenne. I’m eyeing up local apple cider, that, once warmed through, will go fantastically with my homemade cinnamon sugar syrup and a shot of whiskey.

I’m even toying with peppermint schnapps and bourbon for the colder months. But that may be pushing the hot toddy too much.

It’s a refreshing change in the evening, and has the added benefit of soothing my barking cough. A win/ win, no?

Now excuse me, I must go fill up my kettle.



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