It’s the most pine-scented time of year

I’m obsessed with Christmas. I’m allergic to real Christmas trees.

No, really. I break out in hives. So does my mum. While she suffered though decorating a live tree when I was young, the advent of artificial trees was a blessing in my house. We’ve lived and died by them since I was six.

I may be allergic to pine trees, but I adore the smell of them. The spicy fir and woodsy scent instantly gets me into the holiday spirit.

My mum, while I was growing up, would buy pine-scented candles and room sprays just to indulge me. The only problem is that they smelled awful.

Now that I have my own house I put up my massive artificial tree in early November, and I burn pine-scented candles all through the holiday season.

And they smell like Christmas.

I’ve tried a lot of fir and pine tree scented candles over the years. And I needed to share my top three. Because it can look like the holidays, and sound like the holidays, but until it smells like the holidays I’m not in the mood.

Thymes’ Frasier Fir candle is hands down my most-loved candle. These guys smell like the real deal.

Bath & Body Works’ Fresh BalsamĀ tends to be my go-to fragrance for holiday parties, because the scent is strong and you only need to burn the candle for a short time.

Indigo’s Icy Pine is a new purchase for me. I’ve been impressed with the quality of their other scents this year, and I’m loving the smell of this candle just sitting on my counter.


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