C is for (Christmas) cookie

stand mixer

A home-made cookie tastes great any day. But a Christmas cookie? There’s something about baking batches of cookies for friends and family that make them taste just a little bit better than a regular cookie.

This year I’m dusting off the stand mixer and making two of my ¬†favourites: the sugar cookie and the Linzer cookie. I’m also trying a new recipe out – any cookie that combines cocoa, pistachios and sea salt has to be good, right?

As most of the dough needs to chill for at least a few hours, I like to make my dough one day and then chill or freeze it until I’m ready to bake. It breaks up the overwhelming amount of work that making, baking and decorating cookies can seem to be if you try to do it all in one day. Careful planning and a glass of wine also seems to help the process.

sugar cookies

I’m pumped to finish all my baking this week – they’ll be done just in time for friends and family to gobble them up this weekend.

Oh, and Bon Appetit has some great tips on making that perfect sugar cookie.


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