Style Files: A study in black and white

Brilliant light. Gorgeous windows. A favourite dress.

Meg and I agreed we didn’t need anything else as we played in an empty section of the historic Lang Tannery in downtown Kitchener.




IMG_9912_1Photos by Megpie Photography



On an enchanted evening

Late last month, on one of the last warm and hazy days of August, Meg and I wandered to a local museum.

And played.

We threw some cava and extravagant heels in the car.

We wandered through fields and over ponds.

Some night you just need pretty dresses, girlfriends and laughter. A little sparkling wine never hurt anyone either…

paint dress and shoes

paint dress and field

paint dress

cava close-up

Cava and glass

Drinking cava

opening the bottle

Mini bottles of champagne are awesome – but have screw caps and not corks. No fancy openings to see here.

Photos by Megpie Photography

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