Style Files: A study in black and white

Brilliant light. Gorgeous windows. A favourite dress.

Meg and I agreed we didn’t need anything else as we played in an empty section of the historic Lang Tannery in downtown Kitchener.




IMG_9912_1Photos by Megpie Photography



Shoes and songs

It’s a polar vortex January… otherwise known as winter in Ontario.

I’m living in layers of flannel, cashmere and wool. This is the season to be warm – because frostbite ain’t sexy.

So yes, baby, it’s cold outside. Bundle out. Keep warm. Put the tunes on. And kiss someone cute. It’s guaranteed to get you through to the spring thaw.

To keep my always cold toes warm I vote for some Roots moccasins – trust me, they will keep you warm.

Roots Winter mocs suede




Shoes and Songs

Winter shoes. Is it too much to ask for them to be gorgeous and protect me against frostbite?

I don’t think so.

And if I can find it in my favourite colour combo? Even better.

This winter I vow to add a bit of shine and sparkle to my wardrobe. I can’t make the season go any faster, but I can find ways to enjoy it.

Sperry winter boot.



Black and Gold

Black. It’s my favourite colour for my outfits and my home.

It can be edgy. It can be glamorous. It can be comforting.

I have secret fantasies going for a black kitchen. Maybe my next house.

Every room and outfit can benefit from a shot of black.

This fall I’m trying to sneak a shot of gold into my typically black-based outfits.

It’s a classic combination (and I’m not just saying that  because it’s my alma mater’s colours).


Lippman black and gold


Sharks tooth slippers


Cartier juste un clou


Roots jacket


Image 1, 2, 3, 4


On an enchanted evening

Late last month, on one of the last warm and hazy days of August, Meg and I wandered to a local museum.

And played.

We threw some cava and extravagant heels in the car.

We wandered through fields and over ponds.

Some night you just need pretty dresses, girlfriends and laughter. A little sparkling wine never hurt anyone either…

paint dress and shoes

paint dress and field

paint dress

cava close-up

Cava and glass

Drinking cava

opening the bottle

Mini bottles of champagne are awesome – but have screw caps and not corks. No fancy openings to see here.

Photos by Megpie Photography


Shoes and songs

I’m spending an extended weekend in Montreal.

I’m moving my brother into his first apartment.

It’s bittersweet to help him move his life across provinces, but I adore this city.

The people are well dressed and friendly. The city is cultured and edgy.

In honour of la belle ville, and its joyful energy, I’m dancing around my hotel room to one of my favourite songs by a Montreal native (in my dreams I’m wearing these gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos).




Style Files: When Physics met Fashion

Meg and I headed out again for some quick snaps this week. We ended up escaping from a sudden downpour in the Perimeter Institute’s courtyard.

The Perimeter Institute – home of some of the greatest brains in theoretical physics –  is also architecturally stunning.

Like my blue lace dress, the storm was short and sweet.






 All photos Megpie Photography. Shoes by Camper. Dress (old) from Andie’s.


Shoes and Songs

Last weekend I saw Matt Dusk perform at the Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival. One of my favourite artists at one of my favourite events? Win.

This week’s Shoes and Songs is inspired by Mr. Dusk. His version of “My Funny Valentine” makes me want to dress like a Hitchcock heroine, order a dry gin martini and meet a handsome stranger at a smoky bar.

Slick pointed heels by Saint Laurent will help me look and feel the part.

Saint Laurent black patent leather heels


Introducing the style files

One of my good friends happens to be a very talented photographer. She has a killer eye.

We’ve starting to do photo shoots together. All clothing to be styled by me. All images shot by Meg.





Kayleigh_23All photos by Megpie Photography



Shoes and Songs

A boat. A river. The cottage life. Gets me every time.

Pontoon by Little Big Town has to be one of my most favourite summer songs. The video is fantastic – seriously, the styling makes me drool.

Sequins, kegs, golf and a boat? Count this girl in.

And although Sperry’s may be more practical for a boat – don’t count on me to make that choice. Why go smart when you can go for a platform with chains and beading instead?


Sam Edelman Blakely









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