Style Files: A study in black and white

Brilliant light. Gorgeous windows. A favourite dress.

Meg and I agreed we didn’t need anything else as we played in an empty section of the historic Lang Tannery in downtown Kitchener.




IMG_9912_1Photos by Megpie Photography



Red and White Forever

Winter has come over Southern Ontario suddenly, but I’m not quite ready for the frigid weather.

I’d rather be playing around in fallen leaves for a little bit longer.

All I need is some kick-ass boots and a piping-hot americano and I’m good to go.








All photos by the talented Meg.



On an enchanted evening

Late last month, on one of the last warm and hazy days of August, Meg and I wandered to a local museum.

And played.

We threw some cava and extravagant heels in the car.

We wandered through fields and over ponds.

Some night you just need pretty dresses, girlfriends and laughter. A little sparkling wine never hurt anyone either…

paint dress and shoes

paint dress and field

paint dress

cava close-up

Cava and glass

Drinking cava

opening the bottle

Mini bottles of champagne are awesome – but have screw caps and not corks. No fancy openings to see here.

Photos by Megpie Photography


Style Files: When Physics met Fashion

Meg and I headed out again for some quick snaps this week. We ended up escaping from a sudden downpour in the Perimeter Institute’s courtyard.

The Perimeter Institute – home of some of the greatest brains in theoretical physics –  is also architecturally stunning.

Like my blue lace dress, the storm was short and sweet.






 All photos Megpie Photography. Shoes by Camper. Dress (old) from Andie’s.


Introducing the style files

One of my good friends happens to be a very talented photographer. She has a killer eye.

We’ve starting to do photo shoots together. All clothing to be styled by me. All images shot by Meg.





Kayleigh_23All photos by Megpie Photography



The Write Evolutions

Lead a fascinating life

This write girl loves to make life pretty: whether it’s a beautifully laid table, an on trend new nail polish, or a homemade recipe made for people I love, a little style can make a big difference. I believe in living my life beautifully. I want to share that love.

It’s ok to take the time to make something fresh and from scratch, to take pride in how you look when you leave the house, and to make your bed everyday. We live in such a fast and forward focused post-industrial world. I’d like to take the time to reflect on the here and the now.

Not everyone has to be a homemaker, plan parties or be dressed in the latest fashion (what’s the fun if we all look the same?). But everyone should find beauty in their daily lives. I can’t wait to share my daily beauty; styled and written by me.

Image Kate Spade via Pinterest

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