Excuse me, but I’ll be back.

I have a few friends to meet, and a few friends to make, across the pond.

Trinity library via pinterest


Big Ben via pinterest


The Eiffel Tower via pinterest




Shoes and songs

I’m spending an extended weekend in Montreal.

I’m moving my brother into his first apartment.

It’s bittersweet to help him move his life across provinces, but I adore this city.

The people are well dressed and friendly. The city is cultured and edgy.

In honour of la belle ville, and its joyful energy, I’m dancing around my hotel room to one of my favourite songs by a Montreal native (in my dreams I’m wearing these gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos).




The cat came with the manse (a mini vacation recap)

This week I had the pleasure of staying at The Manse Boutique Inn in Picton, Ontario.

I was up in Prince Edward County for a photography course. I have whole-heartedly fallen in love with a region of my province I’ve never visited before.

Trust me – I’ll be back.

The Manse was the perfect setting for a brief mid-week vacation. The style and feel of the place (I call it a streamlined traditional look) was exactly right – not fussy and formal, but also not too minimalistic and modern. I enjoyed the pool and gorgeous patio. My brother (who came along for the road trip) enjoyed the cat-in-residence and the hot tub.

The innkeeper and chef were the icing on the cake. Married couple Kathleen and Chris are the perfect hosts. I’m dying to get back for a night and enjoy one of Chris’s private dinners by the koi pond.


The Manse - 01

Crystal accents brightened the space.

The Manse was decorated in a combination of my favourite colours: purple and grey.

The bedrooms were modern and glamourous.

The bedrooms were modern and glamourous.

Stevie the cat. He came with the place.

Stevie the cat. He came with the place.

My brother and Stevie having a moment.

My brother and Stevie having a moment.

Front entrance

Front entrance.

The living room fireplace

The living room fireplace.

Original radiators in the building.

Original radiators in the building.

The pool and hot tub.

The pool and hot tub.


Shoes and Songs

This week my colleagues are in New York City. I’m at home following their adventure on twitter – #HDNYC if you’re interested.

However, if I was in the big apple this week I’d be wearing these shoes. They’re flats, so they are practical for the miles of pavement I’d be walking. But they’re edgy and fashion-forward.

And you can never go wrong with Valentino.

Valentino Rockstud printed

And I’d be listening to something energizing and fun. You need a bit of attitude in the city, right?





New York Frame of Mind

I’m having a bit of a hard time realizing that I’ve been back from NYC for almost a month already. I believe New York, like so many of the great cities of this world, is best seen rather than described. This post is picture heavy for that very reason. Why have me tell you about my trip when I can show you some of my adventures!

First off, lets start with the gorgeous weather we had in the city while I was there. Walk around the city without mitts on in January? OK. We can do that.


Stop and get a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery, and sit outside to eat it? Yes, yes we can. Obviously we must eat a chocolate cupcake with the prettiest pale blue icing – the red velvet did look tempting though.

Magnolia Cupcake

We did have a little snowstorm. But it was a pretty snowstorm.  And the snow didn’t last very long, just long enough for us to admire it while wandering though Central Park.

Central Park

The snow turned to rain, which made for a very pretty walk post-dinner. Neon lights sparkling in the rain is one of my favourite sights.

Neon and Rain

The trip was short but lovely. The conference I attended was great, but I must admit that wandering a beautiful city is truly the icing on the cake.

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